Tooth extraction can be a nightmare, but not at Horizon Dental!

Tooth Extraction is a Dental procedure that means the removal of a tooth from the socket. Yes, it sounds like a horrific procedure to endure but with the help of state-of-the-art facilities and modern techniques, our expert dentists ensure that this procedure is as comfortable and convenient for you as a walk in the park

Why extraction?

  1. Infection – Extraction is done when the infection spreads to the Periapical region and the tooth can’t be saved and restored
  2. Impacted teeth – When the tooth gets stuck in bone and causes pain
  3. Retained deciduous teeth – It is removed to provide space for permanent teeth to erupt
  4. Teeth removal for orthodontic treatment to create space for teeth movement

Surgical Extraction

At times the tooth gets stuck in bone and cannot erupt in its proper position, this may cause problems to the adjacent teeth, thus causing pain. For this, we need to do surgical extraction which means by removal of bone around the tooth through an incision on gums

After extraction one should always get the teeth replaced as it helps in the proper functioning of the jaw, keeping Occlusal harmony of teeth