Oral Prophylaxis And Root Planing

Oral Prophylaxis And Root Planing

Can you proudly say that you maintain utmost teeth hygiene every time?

No, right?

Most of us do not do that! Keeping your teeth clean must always top your priority list as it not only prevents bad breath but also maintains gum health, and prevents tooth loss, dental caries etc.

ORAL PROPHYLAXIS is a procedure that cleans the bacterial plaque and calculus from the tooth surface. Removing plaque helps to prevent the debilitating effect of diabetes, heart disease etc. If plaque and calculus is left untreated for a longer time, it can cause gingiva (gums) recession, bone loss, and eventually loss of teeth. And ofcourse, losing your teeth is not something that you want. So for a healthy and perfect smile, you must visit your dentist twice a year.

Root Planning
Root Planning is another method to ensure oral hygiene. It removes debris from the root surface non surgically and makes your teeth stronger.

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