Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth

Preventing any cavity, gum bleeding, or taking care of oral health does not happen when it starts hurting. It begins as soon as the first teeth erupt in a child’s mouth. It is said that the ideal time to start visiting your dentist is 6 months i.e at the time the first teeth erupt.

Preserving this beautiful smile is Horizon Dental’s supreme priority as oral health heavily influences overall health – physical as well as mental health. Preventive dentistry guides you to take care of a child’s oral health including counseling of parents about the proper feeding pattern, weaning period, nutrition chart, and behavior management as these are very essential for shaping a child’s mind around oral health.

Our team at Horizon Dental deals not only with Teeth, Gingiva but also your tongue, jaws, and neck.

Methods – Preventive Dentistry

1) Fluorides are the key to strengthening our tooth enamels. There are topical and self applied options for people.There are different types of technique for fluoride application,it can be applied professionally by a dentist or self applied. Professionally applied fluoride is available as aqueous solution that is applied by tray technique or paint on technique. Applying fluoride makes the tooth resistant to caries.

2) There are some children who are at a higher risk of getting caries. This is because of the greater depth of pit and fissures in an individual. A sealant comes into play to prevent this as it levels them, keeping them from being clogged with food particles. You get to choose from a number of ways this gets cured – whether it is self cured, fluoride releasing, helioseal or others.