Root Canal Treatment

Some tortures are physical and some are mental, but the one that is both is TOOTH PAIN

And what causes Tooth Pain? IGNORANCE

The reason behind one of the most painful situations of our lives is ignorance. It can be totally avoided if we can get treatment and control it.

Need For Rct

When the cavity advances to pulp and is not immediately treated, then it can’t be controlled by restoration. Root canal treatment is done in various cases like wide carious lesion reaching the pulp, Periapical infection, traumatic tooth.

Brief About The Procedure

Firstly, the damaged tooth needs to be anesthetized to make the procedure pain-free for you. The next step involves removing the infected pulp and treating the canal with medicaments. Once proper sealing is achieved, the pulp space is replaced by root canal filling material.

At Horizon Dental, we use biocompatible root canal filling material that mimics pulp.

After RCT, the most important step is Crown placement. At Horizon Dental, our expert Doctors use advanced technologies to provide you the crown that perfectly fits your teeth by using advanced technologies. We also provide several material options for the crown – Porcelain crown, Zirconia crown, Gold crown, E-max crown, Porcelain fused to metal crown.

At Horizon Dental, we specialize in Painless Root Canal treatment, taking great pride in providing the fastest services with Rotary Endodontics.